Treating the symptoms of appendicitis and appendicitis


Treating the symptoms of appendicitis and appendicitis

The symptoms of appendicitis – Pathri Ke Lakshan In Hindi

Stones in the lower abdomen, you mean Tundi characterized in part below and above the genitals and the pain it hurts sometimes very fast, sometimes slowly and the pain would never for a moment and sometimes become very long stays constant between the pain of the patients continue to be a relief. The symptoms of appendicitis in which the patient is seen as a complaint or G Mclane seems to be vomiting.

The general symptoms of appendicitis early limb to limb are recognized include frequent urination, pain while urinating, or intermittent urination, urination and urination on quite fast Blob Blob, or get a little urine. Some people complain of pain in the testes and abnormal urine color is the main symptoms of appendicitis.

The leading cause of appendicitis

Well, anyone can usually stone but most of the main reasons they have been seen when the urine becomes thick due to eating the stones to be turned on and these particles gradually accumulate thick pee it takes a few days and they take the form of stones. And when they enter the urinary tract blockage means to feel pain on urination and the patient realizes that he has appendicitis.
those who live and do not find out gradually gather together and keep each other from day one kidney stones as they appear. The main cause of stones in your body with excessive amounts of calcium to be a direct means of these stones have been those in need in his body, but he is more than the amount of calcium in the body is not digested and those ie any kind of calcium lime stones should not eat them anytime. They have stopped eating immediately dribble too good.



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